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14th July 2009

My Web Page

I would like to announce that I finally had the bravery to open my literature (reading) web page. you're invited to visit the page since I will be reviewing some books that have not been released yet. I will have three contests as part of the page's inauguration celebration. I will be giving away: One Harry Potter Gryffindor collector pin, a $100 Amazon Gift Card and the Twilight Diaries along with some other books too, so be very wary on updates and the mailing list.

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11th July 2009

weebaby2:07pm: Pennsic as a new Release Zone!
For anyone who hopes to Wild Release book at Pennsic this summer, I have created a new Release Zone for it!

When you go to schedule a release, in the section for which state, DO NOT CHOOSE PENNSYLVANIA! Select "-not a city, Geographical Features, etc." You will find Pennsic there.

In Service to the Dream,

Lady Flora de Bayeaux
Barony of Ponte Alto
Kingdom of Atlantia
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24th June 2009

fayme10:48am: Bookcrossing
I was just on twitter telling someone about the bookcrossing group I started over here ages ago and came back to get the url for her. Now to find it.

17th May 2009

bluemchenblatt2:41pm: Community on DreamWidth
I'm setting up a similar community on DreamWidth, http://bookcrossing.dreamwidth.org/ .

Just FYI. :)
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9th April 2009

fabricdragon5:53pm: hey! someone caught one!
on my way up to ICON (Long Island SF con) i dropped a few books in the Bookcrossing bags off at a few rest stops, and a few at the convention.  now frankly my rate of catches is so low its not funny, but one of them was caught and journaled! i found out when i logged in.

its not great ratio wise, but its better than nothing (which is what i have been getting lately)   

15th March 2009

discoverylover2:33pm: Flickr group for the Christchurch Convention
Hey everyone, I've created a flickr page for the convention. Feel free to join!

X posted to all the BC groups I'm in and my personal lj :-)

6th March 2009

fabricdragon2:20pm: Guys... its the onion..... dont freak
ROCKVILLE, MD—Militant pro-literacy terrorists struck here Friday night, as a pipe bomb exploded at Rockville Adult Learning Annex, killing 52 illiterates and injuring dozens more. Hours later, RIF, a radical reading-is-fundamentalist terrorist group, claimed responsibility for the attack.
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13th February 2009

poeticgoddss7:55am: Group Question
Can we start bookrings in here?  If so, anyone interested in Chelsea Handler's MY HORIZONTAL LIFE: A COLLECTION OF ONE-NIGHT STANDS?  If not, is anyone interested in taking it off my hands anyway?
poeticgoddss7:36am: I just have to share my excitement
For the first time in over a month I have been able to sign on to the site from home.   I feel awkward going on at the library and then writing my "release note" inside the front cover while I'm there, like the book police are going to get me, so I had a couple of books that we were waiting to be added.  I'm so excited today.

10th February 2009

fabricdragon9:48am: an idea
We have had recognition of  the Easter Bunny for a long time. its about time someone gave credit to.........
The Valentine Frog.

From  Amykb :
She asked me if she had to ask the Valentine's bunny for it. I told her no, the bunny comes at Easter, the Frog delivers stuff for Valentine's day.
Frog? she says.
Yep says I, don't you remember the story about the princess kissing the frog to turn him into a prince? Well, every year, the Valentine's Frog goes out into the world looking for a little girl to kiss him and turn him into a prince too, and he leaves chocolates and flowers and things like that to bribe them into thinking he is a prince.

Obviously a neglected part of our folklore.

i plan on giving the Valentine Frog equal billing with the easter Bunny.

help fight Frog discrimination!  support publicity for the Valentine's Frog!

i was thinking for Bookcrossing that we should obviously start making a policy of releasing at least one copy of "the frog prince" (and possibly a note with this story) for Valentine's..
what do you think?

8th February 2009

alrescate6:14pm: Thank you fellow BookCrossers!
I'd like to thank all my friends who raved over "The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society". I just finished it and I really enjoyed it.

Now to decide if I want to keep my copy or release it into the wild....

gothamgal3:57pm: The Akron Reading Festival
The RCBP, and bookcrossers from all over the world who donated books to the cause, made AKRON history...

We released 3,288 books at the Reading Festival Yesterday!
More info to come!!!!
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7th February 2009

poeticgoddss3:22am: book on the loose
Anyone in the group from CT (USA) that hasn't read ECLIPSE *third book in the TWILIGHT series) yet?  If so, want it?  I can't got on bookcrossing until Monday (my home computer won't let me log on) but I have a copy I just finished reading and want to pass it on as soon as I'm done with it but I can't afford to mail it anywhere because it's hardcover.  Would be wiling to met someone somewhere to hand it off, though.  Or, if I haven't heard anything by next weekend I'll just release it.  Thanks so much.

edit from 2/13...it's on the site now so just private message me there if you want it.  same screenname

3rd February 2009

bluemchenblatt3:45pm: Site Loading Problems III : Resolution
Seems to work fine now, though it didn't this very morning. Nothing changed, but it's good to be able to see that yellow book again! :)

Thanks to everyone who tried to find a solution - I don't know (yet) what it is, but it works nicely! :D

And now I'mm off here to do my release notes, journal entries and comments! :P

Edit: I just found out in the French Forum that it wasn't just me, but at least 2 other people blocked. :O Hope this never happens again! :)

2nd February 2009

k00kaburra12:29pm: BookCrossing.com Loading Problems
I've been having trouble using the site at night. The search function won't work and everything runs slow. Anyone else notice similar issues?

I'm in California if anyone thinks that would make a difference.
bluemchenblatt6:47pm: Site Loading Problems II
Neither me nor my bf (he tried at work) could access the site (not loading). I've talked about it to another Parisian BCer, but he hasn't tried yet to access the site.
Since it's NOT ONLY my computer, but the site in general (and not a "log in" problem), my bf suggested it might be a connecting server which is down somewhere or not yet "updated".
If anyone could inquire about it with the BC Tech folks - that would be wonderful. I've passed and send on a couple of books today and can't make release alerts. (Today was my last university-uncharged day for probable quite some time. Too bad.)

I've sent an inquiry to some other BCers in the region, will tell you as soon as I hear back from them.
bluemchenblatt8:27am: Site Loading Problems?
Anyone else having site loading problems?
The connection is cut : "La connexion avec le serveur a été réinitialisée pendant le chargement de la page." (The connection with the server has been reinitialised during the loading of the page.)
It's only BC.com and it tells me to reload, but when I do -and I do- I just get the same message over again. 10 minutes earlier I had accessed the site, even though problems started with the forum not accepting my posts right away...

Am I the only one?

[Btw, navigating with Firefox 305]

Edit: 2h1/2 I still have the same problem, though I DO get PMs from other people, so it DOEs work for them. D: Yilp?
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29th January 2009

1journeymp5:31pm: A large and fun book-crossing project in Russia

This year to commemorate 50th anniversary of the first translation of Antoine de Saint Exupery’s The Little Prince those who love the great book are taking part in a very special book-crossing project. You are very welcome to join, too.


There are a few ways in which this project is different from “normal” book-crossing

1)      You can give/send the book only to somebody you know, and not only know, but also love, respect, value, have “ties” with in the same way Little Prince had ties with the Fox.

2)      For each book you start a livejournal (like mine), where the temporary “keepers” of the book share their thoughts, their relationship with the Little Prince or simply say who they passed the book to and why.

To read more about the project (in Russian only, I'm afraid), you can go to  http://lepetitprince.ru/journey

You can also join the project community at http://community.livejournal.com/mp_travel/


If you have any questions, please, feel free to ask me, and I’ll be back to you.

27th January 2009

innae7:03pm: Go Vote!
Urban Fantasy Readers Awards

cross-posted to my personal journal.
judith7:04am: journal comments
Lately I have been doing more controlled releases than wild ones. I joined a virtual book box and sent books here and there for that, I joined a regular book box and added my books to that one, I gave away books as part of a random drawing, that sort of thing.

One of the things I like about books that have gone to many people is that there are so many different views of these books. Some people love them, some hate them. That's the fun of it, really.

Recently two comments were made on books I sent on to others that gave me pause. The first was a comment on The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. I had gotten it from someone else who liked it a lot, and she had gotten it from someone who liked it a lot. I didn't like it as much and I said so. I didn't like that it could not have happened, the conditions could not have existed. The person who read it after me made a snarky comment that it was a fable and it said so. And I should have read it with that in mind. She was taking me to task for not liking it as much as she did.

Today I read a journal entry on Further Tales of the City, by Armistead Maupin. I had sent it as part of the virtual bookbox. The woman requested it, in other words. She did not like it at all and said she was sorry I spent money on sending her a book she did not like. How bizarre! I hope she sends it on to someone else who just might have another opinion!

I am glad that most people do not feel the need to attack others with whom they do not agree.
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16th January 2009

beckerbuns5:18pm: a couple of reading related icons
I just made these and I thought I'd share them here... The perfect audience. :)

under the cutCollapse )

Please comment and credit me if you take one or both. :)

Happy Bookcrossing!
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4th January 2009

fayme8:24pm: Sometimes our families don't know us very well
My daughter just asked me if I ever heard of Bookcrossing. Which I found amusing because she doesn't know I founded this community on Livejournal for people who enjoy bookcrossing years ago. She found out about Bookcrossing from a coffee shop chain she enjoys going to that has a bookshelf dedicated to Bookcrossing exchanges. Unfortunately the name slipped my mind, but I'm sure it had Mama in the title.

My goal this year is to read 100 books and I'm starting with a book called Ender's Game by Orson Scott Caro. I just started this afternoon after my daughter left for her 300 mile drive home I'm already on chapter 8. She recommended the book to me. It's SciFi.
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1st January 2009

melydia2:08pm: Book Round-up 2008
It was a banner year for reading. I've never plowed through as many books as in 2008.

Links are (mostly) to the BookCrossing journals. (The ones that aren't are links to the books themselves, for those I read/listened to online.)

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