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My Web Page

I would like to announce that I finally had the bravery to open my literature (reading) web page. you're invited to visit the page since I will be reviewing some books that have not been released yet. I will have three contests as part of the page's inauguration celebration. I will be giving away: One Harry Potter Gryffindor collector pin, a $100 Amazon Gift Card and the Twilight Diaries along with some other books too, so be very wary on updates and the mailing list.
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Pennsic as a new Release Zone!

For anyone who hopes to Wild Release book at Pennsic this summer, I have created a new Release Zone for it!

When you go to schedule a release, in the section for which state, DO NOT CHOOSE PENNSYLVANIA! Select "-not a city, Geographical Features, etc." You will find Pennsic there.

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I was just on twitter telling someone about the bookcrossing group I started over here ages ago and came back to get the url for her. Now to find it.
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hey! someone caught one!

on my way up to ICON (Long Island SF con) i dropped a few books in the Bookcrossing bags off at a few rest stops, and a few at the convention.  now frankly my rate of catches is so low its not funny, but one of them was caught and journaled! i found out when i logged in.

its not great ratio wise, but its better than nothing (which is what i have been getting lately)   

Group Question

Can we start bookrings in here?  If so, anyone interested in Chelsea Handler's MY HORIZONTAL LIFE: A COLLECTION OF ONE-NIGHT STANDS?  If not, is anyone interested in taking it off my hands anyway?