September 30th, 2002

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Hiyas! I just found this community and I knew I had to join. My bookcrossing page is here. I love the whole idea of bookcrossing, and while I haven't had much luck with people finding my books, I think it's really fun to release them. So far, aside from books I've mailed out, only one's been found. The Meri, which I left in an airport terminal. I'm surprised so few released books are found and registered on here.

Recently I read a really amazing series that I'd like to recommend to all of you. It's the Nightrunner series, Luck in the Shadows, Stalking Darkness, and Traitor's Moon by Lynn Flewelling. This series is excellent... and everyone I've lent it to has loved it.

Anyway.. that's all I have to say for now. :)
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