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This weekend (actually, also Thursday and Friday) I was in Washington D.C. attending the BC in DC BookCrossing 10th Anniversary convention. I had a fabulous time catching up with old friends, making new friends, and touring the sights in Washington. The organizers did an amazing job! I released a duffel bag's worth of books and managed to come home with fewer books than I left with.

Photos from the weekend are on Flickr.
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~green with envy~
I regret that I have not more hair to dye for the cause!

I had a fabulous time. Thanks for coming - it was so good to see your smile again!
It was wonderful to meet you! Congratulations on leaving with fewer books than you arrived with.
That's a whole lotta hair color not found in nature :)

Deleted comment

The divine MissMarkey gave it to me. It is perfect, and so is she!