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We have labels again-even customized ones!

Free labels are once again available. We also now have the option to buy customised labels with our own text and pictures!! Because the price isn't obvious, (they are going to fix that), I took the liberty of posting the information here. You can order different designs. For example, you can get 12 different designs for $7.95

"Select the quantity you'd like from the table below. Non-numbered bookplates are blank in the BCID field. Pre-numbered bookplates include a unique BCID on each bookplate registered to you, ready to be placed in a book. Then, the first time the book is journaled, it is registered with that BCID. This is the most efficient way to label and bookcross a book.
Order multiple singles to receive quantity discounts.
Did you know? Every custom bookplate unit comes with a FREE Official BookCrossing Sticker AND a Tiny Sticker. Using these on the cover and the spine of your book increases the chances of it being caught and released again.

Pre-Numbered Non-Numbered
1: $1.00 1: $1.00
12: $7.95 12: $7.95
25: $16.95 25: $16.95
50: $25.95 50: $25.95
100: $39.95 100: $39.95

Here is the post announcing this.
"Take a look at the label page (under store) for all sorts of free printable labels as well as those you can order from the store. Even custom made ones.

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