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August 26 Site Update and Development Plan Overview

Despite a rough start with the push, things seem to be going a bit better now. Matt's still working on a couple of things (not on this list) so he asked me to post the list for him.

Here's a basic over view of the high-points of this update.

The new label creator for making custom made labels is now available in the store.

Some pages have been updated, most notably the labels page, wings page

There's a new home page, with easier instructions/information for a visitor, plus easier access into the main site for a visitor

Bug keeping some of our members from fully accessing the site has been smooched.

The PM system has been restored so that users who choose not to receive PMs will not receive them and that in order to send a PM you must have yours turned on.

The verbage stating "This member prefers not to be contacted about trades" is back

Menus were reorganized and updated; new page content for each main section

There are some German language text edits
The journal picture permission issue where some journal pics could not be found is fixed.

Some access for Support and Administrators has been returned.

If someone friends you, you'll receive a message that they have friended you. The rest is up to you.


A new development cycle for identifying, testing, retesting and repairing problems has been put in place. It will enable the team to work more consistently, rather than putting out brush fires. New tech team members have been oriented and assigned various responsibilities, which frees up Matt, too.

Search restoration is the primary focus of the first cycle. (Matt says he's done some preliminary work but wants Ardik's expertise to help tweak it out

There is now a tester/employee whose only job is to check the site on various browsers and OS configurations.

A launch will happen every 2-4 weeks after bugs are fixed in the current cycle. Each iteration/cycle will have identified items to work on. These are the only things worked on during this time UNLESS A MAJOR bug is found.

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