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"Mark all read" in forums back, and a few more goodies (August 5)

The tech team slipped in a patch on us last night, but we don't have *all* the details as of yet. For now we know that:

1. Mark all Forums Read is back

2. The currently open message at the top is highlighted in the thread below, to help you keep track of where you are. (Available in all thread views)

3. The ability to delete your own posts has been fine-tuned so that you can only completely delete posts that haven't been replied to.

4. The calendar that's used to enter your birth date in your profile now has a drop-down box for the year, so you don't have to click through all those months anymore.
(Yes!) (Note that though it looks like it only goes back to 2000, if you select the earliest year available, it will work its way back in groups of ten. We'll see if they can get that a little clearer, esp since it goes back beyond dates the site can recognize. More as we know it)

5. In the condensed view, Next Unread and Previous Unread feature is back.

6. And in the list of your recent postings, that can be found from the link on your profile, it's now possible to see which of your forum postings have gotten direct replies.

7. View of forum threads is not limited only to those active within the past month, but should be available further back

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