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Christmas Ornament Exchange 2006

Cestmoi and I couldn't face the holidays without the Ornament Exchange, so we have decided to host it this year. This is a fun event that has been successful in previous years. Each participant sends a Christmas ornament to another person. The recipient doesn't know who is sending them an ornament, you can reveal yourself or stay anonymous- whichever you prefer.
This is international. We will do our best to take your shipping "preferences" into consideration but cannot promise to meet everyone's, so please be prepared to ship internationally. The ornament can be bought or homemade, and whatever size/theme/type you like. There are no restrictions on the type of ornament you send to your recipient.

Cestmoi and I will collect names until November 1, then we will pair names and send each person the name of their recipient along with their address. It is up to each participant to fulfil their part of the bargain and send out an ornament. We ask that you send the ornament no later than November 10. This should ensure that eveyone gets one in time.

Neither Cestmoi, nor I, cannot be responsible for participants that "do not play fair" or postal services that lose packages, and if you do not receive an ornament- there is nothing we can do about it. We truly hope that it goes smoothly, and that everyone does their part, but we can't be responsible. I know you understand. Please approach this in the true spirit of Christmas, which is giving, not receiving.

If you'd like to participate, please send an email to bookenz at gmail dot com (not PM's) with your name, address and shipping "PREFERENCES".

Last year, I had a page on my site to show pictures of the ornaments people received. My site policy is that no one's name is posted there without their permission. It got really complicated last year, trying to PM and wondering if they got the PM,etc. So, to save my sanity, ;-) I am going to assume that if you join our exchange, you are including permission for me to post the picture, should the recipient submit one. If you really don't want your name posted, let me know when you join, and I'll make a note of it. Thanks!!

If you have any questions, you can contact cestmoi at the address above or me at wren at texaswren dot com.

Happy Holidays everyone!
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